5th English Monologue Contest

1-Hannah Katharina Nehls
2- Marina Jovanovic


Aims of the contest

The University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) calls for entries in the “5th English Monologue Contest” with the aim of fostering English oral skills among its students. The contest is open to all UIB students provided that English is not their mother tongue.

Date and location

The Contest will be held in Palma, at Sa Riera Building (Carrer de Miquel del Sants Oliver 2), on Wednesday 27 November 2019, at 4pm.


Entries will be accepted from both undergraduate and Master’s students.  

Entries by English native speakers will be automatically excluded. 

To enter the contest, please send an e-mail to sac@uib.cat, writing “5th English Monologue Contest” in the subject line and stating the following personal information: name and surname(s), contact telephone, email address and the degree pursued at the UIB.


Contestants are expected to deliver an adequately-structured monologue on the following topic: “How has higher education internationalised your views as an individual?”

Key players in the contest

A. Contestants: each will deliver their monologue respecting the time limit (see below). Their order of intervention will be decided in a draw.

B. Presenter: will introduce each contestant.

C. Jury: a panel made up of three UIB lecturers. The Jury will assess the contestants' performances.

Contest rules

The contest shall unfold as per the order and rules set out below:

1. Introduction of the contestants: contestants shall be in the room designated for the said purpose at the allotted time.

2. Introduction to the contest: the speakers shall be called to take part in the draw in which their order of intervention will be set out.

3. Development of the contest: the presenter shall give speakers the floor, always respecting the order of intervention, and monitor time for each contestant. Contestants are expected to deliver their monologues in no less than five and no more than seven minutes.

4. Jury deliberation and results announcement: the Jury’s deliberations shall be held in secret at the end of the contest. Upon deliberation, the Jury shall publicly announce the names of the first- and second-prize winners.


The members of the Jury shall take the following items into consideration for the purpose of casting their votes, using a 5-point scale to assess each item.

List of items

1. Monologue impact.

2. Overall command of the English language.

3. Confidence and mastery of the topic.

4. Coherence and cohesion.

5. Non-verbal communication.

6. Ease and expressiveness.

7. Use of space.

8. Tone and voice projection.


First prize: €250

Second prize: €150

Prizes are subject to the corresponding tax deduction, where appropriate, as per current legislation. 

Acceptance of therms

Participation in the 5th English Monologue Contest involves the participant’s acceptance of the terms.


Vicerectorat d'Investigació i Internacionalització i Vicerectorat de Projecció Cultural, Universitat Oberta i Seus Universitaràries.