Making Waves. Digital Feminism and Fourth Wave Connectivity

Dr. Andrea Ruthven (Universidad de Cantabria)
21 de novembre de 2019 a les 18 hores
Aula 11 de l'edifici Ramon Llull

This talk looks at the wave metaphor for describing feminism as a useful way of understanding the present, digital turn in feminist activism. It takes hashtag feminism as a case study, in particular the #MeToo movement, as a starting point for understanding how the different “waves” of past feminist movements can serve as ontological frameworks for the current moment. By highlighting the connective, community, and consciousness-raising characteristics that are so deeply embedded in all forms of activism, this talk argues that despite detractors, the fourth wave has a unique potential for fomenting material change.

Dr. ANDREA RUTHVEN is Assistant Professor in English in the Modern Languages
Department of the University of Cantabria and researcher at ADHUC–Research
Center for Theory, Gender, Sexuality (Universitat de Barcelona).