The Positive Side, by Ainhoa Zamora


Since Saturday, March 14, the Spanish government declared the State of Alarm and consequently the Lockdown as a measure against the Coronavirus that had affected other countries such as China and Italy with thousands of people dead. Do you want to know something? You must always look at the bright side and get the positive side out of everything. There are several people who have overcome the virus so that is what you must take into account. For the ones who have fought and keep fighting. For all doctors, nurses and paramedics who go on working. The situation proves the evidence to value the work of doctors, cleaners, supermarket workers and so on. If something good has arisen out of this quarantine is to have spent time with my family. I value all these little things. You may ask yourself about the environment. It has really been benefited from all this. Talking again about the positives aspects to remark, the whole planet will take a significant benefit and mankind is having now the opportunity to restore the sense of community and solidarity.