The Last Battle, by Amparo Crespí


One day, two sisters called Pettruska and Germanotta were in the supermarket because they had to buy all the ingredients to prepare a dinner with family at night. But… at 13:48, appeared a big green monster, very ugly and so fat with long arms and fast legs: IT WAS CORONAVIRUS! Everybody tried to scape, but Coronavirus stopped them and he said: I’M HUNGRY AND I WANT TO EAT FUET!!!!! When sisters listened that, they started to catch Fuet, a lot of Fuet… And they went in front of Coronavirus to give all the Fuet that they had caught. The big monster took one and tried it, but… It was white brand, not “Fuet Tarradellas”, and Coronavirus was so angry that turned all humanity in Fuet Tarradellas, so it could eat a lot of fuet and it was so happy. Obviously, all humanity disappeared in her intestines.