My Covid Routine, by Xisca Nigorra


The Covid-19 is the reality that we have to live and the one that we have to overcome in the best possible way. In front of this situation we have to keep in mind the physical and psychological care. For this reason, you have to put in your life a confinement timetable, as I have done. Every day I wake up with a smile, wash my face, have a healthy breakfast while listening to music and then I brush my teeth. At 10am I open UIB digital and I start to study. Later, I help all my family with their homework. In the afternoon I talk with my grandparents and friends by Facetime, play tables games, have a snack and then I do one hour of sport. Finally at 8pm my family and I go to the balcony to show our heroes our gratitude for all the work they’ve done. In my house we accomplish it, what about you?