I Could See the Truth, by Alessio Spinazzola


I was alone, I wanted to see my friends, but uncertainty was dominating my mind. I felt more and more overwhelmed, insecure, scared... I didn't feel like anything. I was bored, locked in my own head. I thought it was a conspiracy against me. They forbade me from leaving my house, as if I was going to hurt them... I wanted to visit my grandmother, who has only a few years to live, but they forbade me it. I turned on the computer to distract myself from that hell, but I only saw the same, all against me, as if I had done something wrong... Months passed by... I felt worse, I ended up getting used to that suffering. After a while, suddenly, my friends came to my house, they were happy, I didn’t understand why, but they told me that thanks to me, my grandmother was still alive, and without realizing it I could see the truth.