An Opportunity, by Safaa Bourguibe


This virus that is going around us during these days, which has changed all our plans and is turning our lives upside down, it is also the reason why we can spend time with our families, value and take advantage of time. You can help by staying at home #yomequedoencasa. All the medical stuff, cleaning people, the health system, they are doing everything possible to help us, and the only thing they are asking you to do is stay at home: don’t expose yourself to the virus, be consistent and responsible, stay home. Wherever you live, even if it’s 10 square meters or 1,000, you can do so many things; share more time with your family, write, talk to your friends by video call, organize yourself, do exercise, advance work, cook, sing, dance, learn a new language, etc. This is your moment to do everything that you have been leaving cause you didn't have time, but now you have it, let's not see this moment as something sad, but as an opportunity. That's why we have to take advantage of this time. We are going through very difficult days, but together we can overcome it.